Corn elia Golna


'One man's hero is another man's traitor'

Arriving on horseback in his mountaintop town, Agathon Galan finds it occupied by revolutionaries. Incensed, he challenges their leader, an action that will impel his life on a fateful course.

Set in the Ottoman province of Macedonia in the turbulent years, 1903-1908, Tainted Heroes describes the disintegration of a multi-ethnic world challenged by its neighbors and their visions of a new order. It is based on true events and is peopled by real participants in those events. Swayed by fear, hate, or dreams of glory, many throw themselves into the conflict.

In the face of growing demands for blind allegiance to a cause, Agathon Galan is unwilling, or unable perhaps, to turn his back on all he knows, including those who have chosen to side with his adversaries. Tainted Heroes is the story of one man’s struggle to remain true to himself and to his human values in a volatile world.

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